Friday, June 3, 2011

Zen Healing Prayer

from Sensei Pat Enkyo O’Hara
Village Zendo and Zen Peacemaker Order
To the absolute light, luminous throughout the whole universe,
unfathomable excellence penetrating everywhere.

Whenever this devoted invocation is sent forth
it is perceived and subtly answered.

We dedicate all merits
to the buddhas and bodhisattvas in the realm of prajna wisdom;
to the guardians and protectors of the Dharma worlds
and to their relations throughout space and time;
to all ancestors of this community,
and to all beings in the Dharma worlds.

May penetrating light dispel the darkness of ignorance.
Let all karma be resolved
and the mind-flower bloom in eternal spring.

We pray for the health and well-being
of all those afflicted by diseases of body, mind, or spirit,
and all those working towards the healing of those afflictions.

We especially pray for _________, ________, and ________.

May they be serene through all their ills,
and may we realize the Buddha Way together.

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