Monday, September 2, 2013

The universal host

Invite open awareness of the totality, the universe of experience: no picking and choosing, no ignoring, no indifference.

Regard yourself as the host of everything and everyone that appears: you don't control what happens but you have infinite space, infinite resources, and infinite rights, skills, and interests.

Exclude no one who shows up; everyone is your guest: acknowledge their arrival, invite them in with utter enthusiasm, serve them whatever they need, introduce them to the other guests, and enjoy their presence.

Act directly, freely, and quickly in response to whatever arises, without hesitation or calculation: you don't control the consequences of your actions, but you are infinitely responsive, you have unlimited capacity, free of fear, with nothing to defend.

Accept all consequences and conditions, favorable or unfavorable, as equally appropriate and fitting: every situation is auspicious.

Stability: awareness is open, unbounded, without distraction or dullness.

Clarity: perception is vividly clear, making the finest distinctions in each thing and situation.

Knowing: directly sees how everything inside and outside is equally empty, vivid, pure, and unceasing.

Effective: responses are direct, free, without hesitation or conflict.

Union: these four aspects of awareness~compassion arise together, inseparable, spontaneous, complete.

"Free of fear" means fear is no obstacle to knowing and effective action: thoughts and emotions arise empty, pure, vivid, and transparent, like a rainbow, like a storm, like a magic show.

Vajrayana practice and activity does not cancel out the other levels. Hinayana means purifying behavior and doing no harm. Mahayana means purifying intention and doing good. Vajrayana means purifying perception and enjoying. The ability to keep all three vows is power. Power is linked with joy. Joy is unconditional gratitude.

Dedicate every effort and every benefit to the well-being of all. Sarva mangalam.


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