Sunday, September 1, 2013


Seems to me when we're overwhelmed by circumstances, and our physical and / or mental health are stressed, we can respond on several levels:

  • Stay gently grounded in the body; disengaging physically can trigger a racing mind or conflicted heart. Just gently and naturally drop back into awareness of the body as often as possible.
  • Exercise, eat well, and make time and conducive conditions for healthy sleep.
  • Engage the best medical and natural healing treatments, without expecting magic or miracles.
  • Seek the ongoing support of genuine friends; tell them you are having a difficult time and that you appreciate their understanding and would like their support.
  • Call on spiritual, emotional, or physical energies of the universe that you long for and sense would be helpful to you. The heart-felt, wordless, intuitive calling out is itself the practice. 
  • Regard gratitude, hope, love, and awe as practices, as seeds that have manifold practical results. Invite them to arise, and notice when they do, and appreciate their power.

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