Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moving in Awareness

Upright, fluid, grounded, light.

Feel the contact between soft feet & firm ground.

Feel your weight resting on the ground. Let your skeleton & the ground hold you up – don’t hold your self up.

Balance the body on sensitive feet. Feel the whole spine from tailbone to skull. Let the spine move as you breathe in & out.

Notice the sensations & movements of breathing in & breathing out. Breath likethe wind.

From your knees down feel roots going down into the ground. From the shoulders up feel your head floating into the sky.

Invite the whole body to breathe.

Let soft eyes gaze into the whole field of vision.

Relax from the inside.

Open all the senses: touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, warm/cold, balance, location.

Let the belly fill up as you breathe in & empty out as you breathe out.

Let the skull balance top of the spine & rock as you breathe.

Connect with the ground again & again.

Let exhaling be complete.

With each exhale let your weight drop down through your legs & release into the ground.

Use intention to move, not muscular effort. Movement begins in the belly & then ripples through the whole body.

Ground & balance again & again so your standing & moving are open, alert, relaxed.

Let every joint be an open hinge swinging as you breathe & move. Don’t lock elbows, knees, shoulders, fingers or toes.

Let moving be smooth circles. Nature moves in spirals.

Connect feet & belly again & again.

Relax pelvis, hips, lower back, shoulders.

Breathe naturally. Let your movements ride the breath.

Feel weight shifting back & forth from one leg & foot to the other.

No strain. When extending & leaning, don’t go as far as you could go.

Let the whole body breathe in & breathe out. Let awareness ride the breath through the whole body.

As you move, invite every part of the body to participate, so no part has to do extra work.

Gently open awareness again & again to include everything in & around you as you move.

Let the qualities of the breath reveal balance & imbalance.

Completely mix three things: awareness ~ breathing ~ moving

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