Monday, November 29, 2010

Insight & Compassion

With insight, we don't mistake our projections for people.
With compassion, we don't regard people as projections.

Projections aren't real, people are real. Insight helps us see when we're reacting to our own projections rather than relating to actual people. Compassion saves us from treating people as internal objects (projections) or external objects (unfeeling things) for our enjoyment or disposal. Treat people unfailingly well, and projections become apparent. With projections apparent, we can treat people well, if we will.

Compassion is foremost. Insight shows aspects of reality, but often in an incomplete way, and a shallow or temporary insight may not bear the fruit of compassion. The power bestowed by insight, wielded without care, may even lead to harm. Compassion includes insight by revealing and honoring the connections between realities. Compassion tends, even when incomplete, to relieve suffering. Compassion and insight united dissolve any sense of being separate from others.

The root of both insight and compassion is the intention to free ourselves and others from struggle and suffering. There is clarity and kindness in that intention.

In each moment, seeing what is and appreciating and welcoming it. Awareness and warmth inseparable.

Your vision will become clear 
when you look into your heart.
~ Carl Jung

This is all insight. How do the warm sun of kindness and the cool shade of compassion feel?


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