Monday, October 15, 2012

Breath and Energy

Breath and energy are the essence of qigong.

Most important: mix together breathing, moving, awareness.
Breathe with the whole body.
Be aware of the whole body.
Move with the whole body.

Let breath fill the body, right out to fingers and toes.
Breathe in and out of palms and soles and every pore of skin.

Empty chest, full belly.
Inhaling, let the belly fill up like a balloon.
Exhaling, let the belly empty.
Don’t manipulate the breath; relax deeply and let go of holding and constriction.

Let the pace and range of movement follow the rhythm and depth of the breath.
Bring breathing and moving together in awareness.
Awareness and movement ride the breath.

For awareness:
Inhaling, rise and extend.
Exhaling, return and let go.
Feel every cell of the body: alive, sensitive, receptive.

For power:
Exhaling, rise and extend.
Inhaling, sink and return to center.
Feel every cell of the body: vital and powerful.

Awareness rides the breath through the body.
Whole body breathing, whole body aware.
Life energy rides the breath.

Breathing through palms and soles, feel tingling and vibration.
Breathing through legs, inhale earth energy: strength, solidity, support.
Breathing through torso and head, exhale sky energy: letting go into open fluid freedom.

Breathe naturally, move easily, attend without boundaries.
Awareness and experience and breath do not stop at the skin.

Make sure there is no wrangling 
between the breath and the will.
~ Master Great Nothing of Relaxation Mountain

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