Saturday, September 22, 2012


Buddhists talk about "no-self" but there's no such a thing. "No self" means I am not my body, not my feelings, not my thoughts or emotions. I'm not some thing separate from what I experience, but I'm also not any particular emotion or thought. It also means there is no self separate from others. We are embedded in an unceasing complex web of relationships, conditions, and events. It is not possible not to be part of the complex. It's not possible not to respond. The question in each moment is what is the response that leads to balance and peace and freedom, rather than confusion and suffering. The possibility of self-delusion and self-centeredness is ever-present. So is the possibility of being awake and compassionate. Each moment's choices hinge on the intention and attention we carry at that moment. No control, no escape: just endlessly unfolding conditions, choices, and consequences. May the benefits of my skillful choices be shared by everyone. May the consequences of my unskillful choices be all mine. May everyone be awake, free of confusion and suffering. May everyone be safe, healthy, happy, at peace.

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