Tuesday, August 14, 2012

27 sources of mistaken conduct

  • attachment  
  • aversion 
  • to be wild  
  • mockery  
  • pride  
  • self-infatuation  
  • exposing others’ faults  
  • causing dissension  
  • deceit 
  • praising oneself  
  • criticizing others  
  • insulting others 
  • picking a quarrel 
  • desiring gain  
  • desiring respect 
  • desiring fame  
  • desiring a circle of attendants  
  • desiring personal service  
  • wishing to give up working for the benefit of others  
  • desiring to pursue one’s own welfare  
  • wishing to have conversations that are pointless or that incite attachment and aversion  
  • being impatient  
  • being lazy  
  • being fainthearted 
  • being boastful 
  • talking nonsense 
  • being attached to one’s own group 
~ from Shantideva's The Way of the Bodhisattva, 5: 48-53
from the translation at Rigpa Wiki

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