Sunday, April 3, 2011

Awareness, responsibility, compassion

Awareness and responsibility versus belief and protection.

Awareness can be cultivated through reasoning, observation, faith, or kindness.

Awareness integrates many aspects of one's experience.

Belief leads one to disregard or belittle some aspects of experience, and to try to protect oneself from those experiences.

Responsibility arises from sufficient awareness, but can be cultivated through compassion -- being aware of and responsive to suffering, one's own and others'.

Compassion is the result or expression of true awareness.

Compassion (warm regard for suffering) can also lead to awareness (integrating the aspects of one's experience).

The faults of imperfect compassion are perhaps less dangerous than the risks of partial awareness.

True awareness and true compassion are infused with humility.

Awareness is knowing the whole of one's experience. Compassion is knowing that others feel too.

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