Sunday, September 12, 2010

Impermanence: Everything Changes

The second of the Four Reminders:

Every event and circumstance in this world is dependent on complex causes and conditions that are constantly arising and disappearing.

The pleasures, conditions, beliefs, and relationships that I rely on — which of them is genuinely reliable and lasting? What am I taking for granted? As I observe the world about me, I can see that everything changes — nothing stays the same.

the end of accumulation is dispersion
the end of building is ruin
the end of meeting is parting
the end of birth is death

The inhabitants of the world come and go. Every one of them will die. Though I see change, impermanence, and death all around me, I act as though I were going to live forever — but I too will die.

My death will definitely come, and I have no idea when.

Today you live, and tomorrow you are
dust. One fever will quench your pride
~ Romanus

I may live a long time, or I may die today. What I do know is that each day brings me one day closer to my inevitable death. Nothing — not wealth, intelligence, strength, power, friends or family — will prevent me from dying.

Where in my life do I ignore change? What am I trying to cling to?

What is really important to me?

Am I living the life that I want?

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